Our Mission

To be Nepal's No. 1 Real Estate Agency winning heart and trust of landlords and customers

Process Chart

  1. Helping Clients professionally to find, manage and sell properties
  2. Help create, build, manage homes to make civilized community
  3. Implementing better property systems and training more agents widening our areas.
  4. Working inside property & housing laws and helping to contribute values to local government
  5. Claiming No. 1 spot in real estate all over the nation
  6. Performing all these process as a form of project in each phase and repeating it as a system

Our expertise is in selling and buying properties smoothly and quickly so that more people buy and sell the same house many times and the number of transactions go up. Which means our buyers and sellers will buy or sell only when they profit more than what they paid for and more transactions means government for our nation. It's not an idea that we don't know. It's a general sense we are bringing it to practice. I hope you take part in this venture.

So. Nepal Bhoomi has really got the vision to help nation by helping landlords, tenants, professionals, entrepreneurs, builders and developers.