'Helping People Settle Down' 

Nepal Bhoomi is a pioneer estate agency dedicated for the property owners/developers to smoothen the transitions of selling, renting & management of their properties. It will not only make sure areal feelings of estate agency business existence help grow but also will build confidence among landlords and help develop community, city and nation.

Why Choose US?Why Choose US?

  1. Expertional Service
  2. Knowledgeable Full-Time Realtors
  3. Seller & Buyer Representation
  4. Insightful understanding of the local area
  5. Honesty, Integrity, Confidentiality & Caring
  6. Putting your needs FIRST
  7. Rental Management

Our Expertise

We are team of experts who have acquired education and knowledge nationally and internationally; especially from world's largest estate agency organization called Century 21 who has run business over 80 countries. One of our directors is a fully approved estate agent from Century 21 UK who is trained and certified in property management, sales and lettings.

We believe that you seek knowledge and awareness in sales, rental and management of your real estate properties and turn them into pleasant and profitable channel.

Partnering with us will give you that. That's one thing we can guarantee.